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Filip Milutinovic
Hi, my name is Filip Milutinovic and I am a Certified Personal Trainer and a Fitness Obsessed Individual. I am very Passionate about Fitness and Getting You Results.

Let me tell you my backstory real quick and tell you WHY I am so Passionate about Fitness.

I was born with a rare Congenital Heart Disease. I won't go into much detail but let's just say my Heart's main Arteries were all back to front...

This caused many problems for me growing up and meant I had to avoid most Sports and Physical Activities as a child. (I was an overweight child also)...

I was in and out of Hospital a lot, and all together I've had about 12 procedures on my Heart and Vascular system, including 3 Open Heart Surgeries.

Now, I know that sounds rough and at times it was. But that gave me the motivation, the "fire within" to want to get Fit and to get Healthy!

As I grew into my teens, I stopped letting my parents baby me and I started going to the gym, I started getting involved with sports, and whatcha know... I started getting fitter.

I always had an "Endomorph" type body thus I could put on weight quite easy, so I was always focusing on slimming down as a teen.. but NOT skinny, I didn't wanna be skinny. I wanted to be LEAN.....

So I started training a lot, getting really into it, especially into BodyBuilding. I watched all the videos I could find of my favourite bodybuilders and read all the magazines.

Fast Forward to when I was about 23 years of age, after I had been lifting consistently and training hard at the gym 5-6 days a week. I decided I wanted to compete in a Bodybuilding Show. 
I knew my heart wasn't the best at the time and my cardiologist said we had to keep an eye on it to see if it gets worse, and I might need a surgery down the track. So I Really wanted to do a show before any of that, you know.. I was young, fearless and ready to tackle the challenge!

I competed in an IFBB show in the Classics division (always did admire the classic physiques)... little did I know at the time that I would be competing with the "Big Boys", the ones that don't play around. They Live and Breathe Bodybuilding and I was on their turf. 

Competing in the show itself was AWESOME... absolutely exhilarating experience! It just felt amazing to do. 

Though I did neglect my health and I paid the price. Little did anyone know (even I was partly clueless) that I was suffering from Congestive Heart Failure whilst I was competing! Yep, that's right.. 

It wasn't an easy journey after that. After the Adrenaline and Euphoria of the show faded, my body started to give me signs... and it started to fail.. 

Walking became a nightmare. I would literally Struggle to BREATHE just from WALKING! 

That was when I had to have my 3rd Open Heart Surgery.. It was a very long recovery process, but I was as motivated as ever... 
1 year on and I transformed my body (with the help of muscle memory) back to what I was when I was at my best. From that point on, I choose to not let anything Stop Me! And you shouldn't either! I know, I know, the cliche "If I can do it, so can you" but heck it's true!

Give Me A Call And I'll Help You Get There...... 
  • Muscle Hypertrophy Expert (Bodybuilding)
  • Fatloss & Weight Management
  • Training & Diet Programming
📞 0435 200 345         ✉️ contact@freakathletiq.com
📞 0435 200 345         ✉️ contact@freakathletiq.com
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