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Elizabeth Kamberidis
Hi, my name is Elizabeth Kamberidis and I am a Certified Personal Trainer and have a Bachelor Of Health and Movement Degree.
As you can see I have a great love for Health and Fitness, and believe it's something to be extremely important for everyone.

Let me tell you my backstory real quick and tell you why I am so strongly passionate about fitness and health.  
Growing up I was very sporty and athletic. I considered myself a team player with an A+ attitude. I always put in 110% effort no matter what!

After school I gave up team sports and wanted to join a gym. With my A+ attitude I thought I would have some idea of how the equipment worked. Well how wrong was I. So my commitment to the gym slowly faded.  

I became sedentary and so the weight began to pile on really quick..  

One day I was approached by a personal trainer at the gym. It was unexpected but also something that I am very grateful for still to this day. He asked me If I needed help, "Oh boy" I thought, I sure did need some help!  

From that day on he was my new Personal Trainer. He opened my mind up and brought out my A+ attitude again. I set goals and I worked damn hard to achieve those goals.  

I learned quick, and with my studies and additional research, my passion for fitness grew stronger and stronger.  
Even though my transformation was significant at the time, I had come to realize that it was only the beginning of my fitness journey and career. 
So why am I telling you all of this?

You're probably thinking..."I've seen a million of these pages about fitness, weight loss programs and challenges and they all just look the same..."

You're probably thinking...."What makes your story different from the rest?”

The answer is simple….
I have been in your shoes, and I know exactly what it feels like. 

Losing weight, gaining muscle, or wanting both is hard and very time consuming. The process can be extremely difficult!
But it doesn’t have to be….

My goal is to help you become the best version of yourself possible.
In order for us to succeed, you must accept the challenge and be willing to give it your best effort. I am not here to throw you in the deep end and put you on an extreme diet or set unachievable goals. My aim is not only to help you become the best version of yourself possible but for you to love and enjoy each day of the process. That is the real blessing.

I absolutely love each and every day of my journey of becoming the best version of myself, and I will continue to become a better person every day.
I have put in much time studying and researching and have accumulated a number of certificates and qualifications over the years, including a Bachelor Degree of Health & Movement, which has helped me in becoming a knowledgeable coach, qualified to help clients reach their goals. 

One of my proud accomplishments as a trainer was running a ladies fitness class at a Cross Fit gym. These females were extremely dedicated and powerful women who were always up for a challenge. It was a huge blessing to watch them improve and to be a part of their fitness journeys
I have also had success with helping clients improve strength, mobility and flexibility as part of their rehab.

A current client that I have been with all year, used to experience pain in her shoulders and neck which prohibited her from training. With strengthening exercises and careful exercise selection along with guidance from her physiotherapist, she has rehabilitated her shoulder and has built the strength to be able to lift weights and feel healthy and happy with her body again!

If you believe you are ready to take the next step, and transform your body and health. Reach out and we can work together to make your dream body and health goals come true!
  • Conditioning & Cardio Expert
  • Crossfit & Circuit Training
  • Training & Diet Programming
📞 0435 200 345         ✉️ contact@freakathletiq.com
📞 0435 200 345         ✉️ contact@freakathletiq.com
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